Aus RFIDInnovations wird primtec

Im Laufe der letzen Jahre haben sich im Zuge der Industrie 4.0 viele technischen Neuerungen und Möglichkeiten und daraus viele neue Anforderungen ergeben. Wir haben unser Leistungsportfolio daher beständig erweitert und unser Unternehmen neu aufgestellt.

Um diese inneren Entwicklungen auch nach außen hin sichtbar zu machen, war es an der Zeit, uns einen neuen Gesamtauftritt zu verleihen und so wurde aus RFIDInnovations nun primtec.

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All Impinj Readers controlled via primtec IIot Devices directly from the PLC!

There is often a requirement to add Rfid functionality to an existing conveyor technology and to be able to process the results directly in the PLC of the system control.
The communication, control and data exchange should ideally take place directly via the PLC.

Our intelligent IIoT devices fulfil precisely this requirement to expand internal company processes in an uncomplicated way using plug-and-play.
This means that countless different devices such as RFID readers, barcode scanners, sensors, I/Os and many more can be connected.

Individual workflows are processed autonomously on the devices and can be controlled directly by the PLC. Complex logic, such as the processing of data using intelligent algorithms to avoid incorrect readings, can thus be outsourced to the IIoT device, which significantly reduces the complexity in the PLC. The workflows can be individually designed and furthermore dynamically configured at runtime.

Further processing of the data obtained is also possible via server or cloud infrastructure in order to make additional metrics and statistical data evaluable. Evaluation and analysis are carried out centrally via state-of-the-art web frontend.

Our devices can be used at any position in the production line.
For example, an Rfid reading process can be started directly on the Impinj reader via a signal from a light barrier in the PLC. The read transponder data is written directly to a defined memory address in the PLC.

In addition to automation, control and monitoring, the use of IIoT systems also supports material flow control and quality control in the production process, among other things.

If required, these can also be equipped with touchscreens for easy operation and output, or be designed as rugged devices suitable for industrial use with high IP protection classes. Especially for highly available and production-critical systems, we offer this reliable solution.