Aus RFIDInnovations wird primtec

Im Laufe der letzen Jahre haben sich im Zuge der Industrie 4.0 viele technischen Neuerungen und Möglichkeiten und daraus viele neue Anforderungen ergeben. Wir haben unser Leistungsportfolio daher beständig erweitert und unser Unternehmen neu aufgestellt.

Um diese inneren Entwicklungen auch nach außen hin sichtbar zu machen, war es an der Zeit, uns einen neuen Gesamtauftritt zu verleihen und so wurde aus RFIDInnovations nun primtec.

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The right product in the right quantity in the right state at the right time at the right place with the right information: tugger train, forklift & friends

Efficient warehouse logistics and an optimum flow of goods within production areas are absolute necessities in modern warehouses and production facilities in order to achieve optimum output.

Improving internal transport routes using industrial truck combined with mobile conveyor technology makes a significant contribution to increasing production efficiency and warehouse organisation.

We develop solutions for your business that will ensure that the right article is always available in the right place at the right time!

The vehicle terminal provides the operator with all the necessary information at all times. Where is it located? What has been loaded? Where is it going?

Our tugger train and forklift solutions will satisfy your needs!

  • Improved supply reliability
  • Short routes, less time
  • Increased workplace safety due to less traffic through optimised transport routes
  • Individually tailored to your processes
  • Precise overview of current stock
  • Interface to warehouse management and ERP systems

Tugger Train

Our affordable solution is easily integrated into your tugger train and enhances it with the automatic detection of loaded components or transport units and the ability to optimise transport routes.

Our tugger train solution provides a range of clear advantages:

Goods and products are tagged with for example with RFID tags or barcodes that are automatically read and identified on the vehicle. The system informs the driver of the optimum route to take to delivery stations based on the associated transport orders and checks that the right items are loaded and unloaded.

Mistakes are therefore immediately detected and corrected, incorrect deliveries are prevented and time-consuming searching for items is minimised.

Controlled delivery also ensures that a production process is started on time, for example. The availability of individual parts in production areas is constantly visualised and perfectly timed deliveries of materials and components avoid cost-intensive machinery downtime.

The tugger train automatically detects the station it has arrived at and displays the tasks to be carried out.

The vehicle terminal gives the operator a constant overview of all stations on the route and the transport units to be loaded and unloaded at each. The correct loading and unloading of objects are checked immediately.

Each wagon automatically detects all loaded transport units.

All products and articles have been assigned to their tagged transport units. This enables the tugger train to deliver the right articles to the right station for each order.

Routenzug EVG

Our tugger train in use at EVG

Our tugger train solution at our customer EVG as an example for efficient intralogistics!


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In modern warehouse logistics, an automated rack management with a sophisticated forklift guidance system is essential for ensuring efficient intralogistics. Labelled and automatically identified transport units or individual objects help to shorten the routes and to lower costs within your warehouse.

Our solution gives you a precise overview of goods entering and leaving your warehouse. Incoming objects or transport units are labelled for example with RFID tags or barcodes, intelligent algorithms determine the correct storage location even in tight spaces. After being unloaded at a storage location, loads are automatically checked in.

When fetching items from stock, the exact location and optimum route to the storage location is displayed on the forklift and the items are automatically checked out as they are transported away.

Alongside significantly faster storage and removal, complete logging of goods movements including precise track and trace is achieved.

The vehicle terminal provides the operator with an overview of their tasks, the route to take and gives immediate feedback to ensure everything is correct.

The forklift system records the loaded container and its exact storage location.

Even in narrow high-rack warehouses with many interferences, the exact storage position is determined and the container automatically checked in or out.

im Hochregallager

That way you can efficiently and economically organise your warehouse logistics!

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    Routenzug in der Produktion bei EVG
    Screen beim Abladen des RFID Routenzuges bei EVG
    RFID Routenzugloesung in der Produktion bei EVG
    Stapler mit Fahrzeugterminal im Hochregallager
    Stapler mit RFID Antennen im Hochregallager

    A comprehensive WMS solution for Coca-Cola HBC Austria

    In the state-of-the-art production and logistics centre, we have introduced a modern WMS system including control centre and forklift guidance system to achieve a high throughput of goods and to optimise and automate storage-, removal- and return-processes. Several block storage areas as well as the area of the mobile racks are captured by our system. In order to optimally organise the pallet movements, various optimisation strategies are used at the same time, which are controlled and monitored by our system. Each forklift was easily upgraded with a forklift terminal and thus integrated into our system. All activities can be conveniently analysed and controlled on the browser via a modern dashboard. The information obtained, such as the real-time stock level or even a complete base data overview, enables efficient planning for procurement and production.

    Read more about this project here!

    • Integration of all suppliers into the GS1 Upstream process
    • Dynamic bearing attributes with validation
    • Direct interface from the stacker to the mobile rack
    • More than 500 pallet movements per day
    • Optimised storage/removal strategies
    • Project partners Still GmbH and GS1 Austria GmbH
    “Thanks to the good cooperation with primtec, we now have a warehouse management system that ensures fast and efficient work in the new mobile racking.”


    Raw Material Supervisor

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