Aus RFIDInnovations wird primtec

Im Laufe der letzen Jahre haben sich im Zuge der Industrie 4.0 viele technischen Neuerungen und Möglichkeiten und daraus viele neue Anforderungen ergeben. Wir haben unser Leistungsportfolio daher beständig erweitert und unser Unternehmen neu aufgestellt.

Um diese inneren Entwicklungen auch nach außen hin sichtbar zu machen, war es an der Zeit, uns einen neuen Gesamtauftritt zu verleihen und so wurde aus RFIDInnovations nun primtec.

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Mission possible:
Organise your warehouse and production!

Successfully increasing the efficiency of warehouse and production logistics depends on a couple of key factors:

How accurate is the stock data? How long are the lead times for repeat orders and which goods are immediately available for customers? Where exactly is a product located? How many storage spaces are filled well, how many are filled poorly, which are free? What is the fastest way for the components to get to the right assembly station?

These are some of the key questions you need to have answered in order to be able to efficiently organise your business logistics. Using tracking technologies such as RFID transponders, provides exactly this kind of information constantly available and in real time.

The positive effects that arise include faster commissioning or reducing dispatch times to a minimum. For example forklift guidance systems reduce driving times spent searching and not carrying loads. In production, this allows precise planning and reduces idle times.

We identify your products, components, transport units, storage spaces, etc.

Maintain an overview of your stock using mobile or stationary terminals.

Mobiles Lesegerät zur Erfassung der Waren im Lager

The benefits to your business logistics:

  • Reduce warehousing costs and enable precise production planning
  • Product availability information
  • Goods localisation
  • Stock information is always accurate
  • Efficient storage and removal by consistently following the FIFO principle
  • Automation of storage and distribution processes

RFID technology boosts the fully automatic warehouse at implantcast

One of the largest manufacturer of medical implants enhanced incoming and outgoing goods control in their automated Knapp AG warehouse with our solution.

Using our and our RFID gates, orders are now processed in a modern and flexible way that meets the highest quality standards. The customised process software allows the automated validation of expected articles including a check for expiration dates and logging and tracking of all bookings.

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  • All implantcast products are labelled with RFID transponders
  • Bulk scanning of up to 150 products per shipping unit
  • Automatic registration of warehouse movements through an RFID gate
  • Immediate booking of all products in handling units
  • Direct interface to the fully automated warehouse and ERP systems
  • Project partner: Knapp AG
RFID Arbeitstisch
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“This RFID solution optimally enhances the Knapp system and provides complete automation of a demanding intralogistic through to goods shipment.”


Project Manager Knapp AG

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