Aus RFIDInnovations wird primtec

Im Laufe der letzen Jahre haben sich im Zuge der Industrie 4.0 viele technischen Neuerungen und Möglichkeiten und daraus viele neue Anforderungen ergeben. Wir haben unser Leistungsportfolio daher beständig erweitert und unser Unternehmen neu aufgestellt.

Um diese inneren Entwicklungen auch nach außen hin sichtbar zu machen, war es an der Zeit, uns einen neuen Gesamtauftritt zu verleihen und so wurde aus RFIDInnovations nun primtec.

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A clear advantage for those continuously tracking their goods. Only that way you will have a permanent overview and make your value chain more efficient.

“Where exactly is it?” question that should be self-explanatory in the age of digitalisation – especially by using our modern Track & Trace solutions. They enable you to identify and track goods or products along the production line or in the warehouse at any time.


What is Track & Trace?

Track & Trace technologies are used to track shipments, products or loads within the supply chain. In the course of digitalisation, this involves the availability of all sorts of information about individual goods or upstream products during the product cycle. The current processing state, the origin, product lifecycle, materials used, product attributes and other factors can be accessed at any time and ensure continuous traceability throughout the production or supply chain. From order placement to production, from completion to dispatch – you will know the precise location and processing state of each product at every stage of the value chain.

Track & Trace also offers efficient new options for product labelling and worldwide product protection. Whether tracking individual parts along the production line or in a large warehouse, assembling or tracking raw materials: the origin as well as the state of a product is recorded at each step of the process.

All products are uniquely labelled and identifiable anywhere and at any time.

Track your goods throughout the entire production or supply chain.

Our solutions provide you with a precise overview of your goods locations and detailed product informations wherever and whenever you need it.

Delivery and production control: precise, on time and correct!

  • Delivery of the right components to each assembly station at the right time
  • Identification of all goods produced on the production line
  • Tracking of goods movements within the warehouse
  • Worldwide traceability of all goods
  • Optimisation of storage logistics and speeding up delivery processing
  • Sustainable increases in productivity and quality

Scanning vehicles using an RFID gate on each training circuit of ÖAMTC

At Austria’s largest mobility club, ÖAMTC, our RFID gate solution automatically scans vehicles on practise runs in driver trainings.

Each participant receives a personalised transponder for the duration of the training session which is attached to the vehicle windscreen. The labelled vehicles are detected as they pass the gate on the training circuits. This works for speeds of up to 70 km/h at least.

Additionally, a picture of the scene is taken that can then be directly linked to the participant.

  • Automatic detection of vehicles during driver safety training
  • Installed on photo stations on training circuits
  • Direct association of images to the driver of the vehicle
  • Detecting vehicles as they pass with speeds of up to 70 km/h at least
RFID Gate von primtec im Fahrtechnikzentrum bei OEAMTC
Logo Fahrtechnik OEAMTC
“Our solution enables reliable vehicle identification at high speeds and over a large distance.”


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